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Mega Thrive

How does Mega Thrive work?

Without getting too technical, Mega Thrive is designed to supplement the nutritional requirements and bioactivities with auxin- and cytokinin-like plant stimulants ( natural plant hormones and phytohormones) which increase the physiological functions of a plant, like leaf expansion, prolific root formation, more root hairs, promotion of young shoots and stronger leaves.  It will also increase photosynthesis, resulting in

the production of more carbohydrates.

Mega Thrive allows the plant to better utilize essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. From root tip to leaf tip and all the way to flowering, Mega Thrive maximizes your plant's growth.

Mega Thrive is a nutritional plant supplement. It must be used in conjunction with (but separately) your regular orchid fertilizer feeding. Do not mix Mega thrive together with other plant food. Mega Thrive can be used year-round by applying twice a month as a foliar spray.