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Sarah Waddoups. Rogers, Arkansas

May 29, 2012

“I have been testing Mega Thrive and have had great success on established orchids, seedlings and newly imported orchids. I am a hobbyist, with a collection of about 700 orchids and a small greenhouse. I import angraecoids from Madagascar and often purchase newly imported phals and phal seedlings. In all cases, I have found that Mega Thrive dramatically helps these plants recover from the import process and become established. In particular, the angraecoids are switching hemispheres, and so they arrive either ready to go dormant as our growing season begins or ready to grow as winter sets in. In both scenarios, the Mega Thrive has helped to push the plant to produce roots and leaves much quicker and in greater number. As for the established plants, I have found that Mega Thrive prompts larger flowers, more flowers, and keikis on plants that are prone to produce keikis.”