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Dr. Helmut Rohrl, American Orchid Society Judge and Professor Emeritus, UC San Diego

June 19, 2012

I am an accredited American Orchid Society Judge, and currently have a mixed collection of approximately 2,000 orchids ranging from Aeridiinae, Cymbidiinae and Dendrobiinae to Oncidiinae and Zygopetalinae and am growing in both a greenhouse and in a covered open enclosure.
I have used MEGA THRIVE for about one year, and I am highly satisfied with the results. Spraying with MEGA THRIVE has improved the appearance of the leaves to a beautiful soft green color with a shining texture, has produced early and more floriferous flower spikes, and has given old pseudobulbs a new life. I’ve used MEGA THRIVE two days after each weekly watering at full strength, spraying not only the foliage but also the visible pseudobulbs and roots (like those of Vandas). The results of spraying regularly with MEGA THRIVE are very rewarding, and I highly recommend it.