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Dot Henley. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

June 7, 2012

“I taught college and high school biology for almost 40 years and always had my students do labs involving hormones or lighting on germination or seedlings. I was pleased to get to try your Mega Thrive on my orchids which are mostly cattleyas. I sprayed Mega Thrive on about 1,000 adult plants every two weeks and found that reluctant-to-bloom 4N plants bloomed in profusion. Since my adults were such a mixture, I did not try to run a mixed control group, but only noted the blooming compared to other years. I did order 12 community pots which I split into 4 ‘room-mate’ pots each and sprayed 2 of each group as the adults with Mega Thrive, and left 2 of each in a control group. The Mega Thrive plants have grown more than the controls. Of course both groups had equal water, temperature, and light. Anyway, Mega Thrive is wonderful. I look forward to it being on the market for all plant enthusiasts to try and praise.”