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Carri Raven-Riemann. Stamford, Connecticut

May 29, 2012

I first began using Mega Thrive to achieve one goal – that of helping orchids make the transition from growing in moss to growing in a fir bark mix. Prior to using Mega Thrive, the plants would struggle and very often be seriously set back (or expire) due to the lack of consistent moisture at their roots due to the difficult switch from moss to a bark mix.

I simply began spraying the root systems & leaves of every plant that I would remove from moss before planting them into fir bark. I immediately noticed that the plants did not suffer from the transition at all, but actually continued their strong growth.

I also began noticing that every fully mature plant – which had been potted up using the same Mega Thrive spraying before being shifted into a larger pot – was producing spikes that were branching more vigorously or producing spikes with pencil thick inflorescences or that some plants, not known for this tendency, were actually producing multiple spikes

I’m now spraying everything in spike to see what a greater and continuing effect Mega Thrive, used in this manner, will have on their spiking and flowering. Stay tuned.”