How does Mega Thrive work?

Learn how Mega Thrive affects your plants on the inside as well as the outside.

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How to apply Mega Thrive

Have questions about using Mega Thrive in your garden? Watch a step-by-step video tutorial and start treating your plants with Mega Thrive today.

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Seeing is believing!

Read testimonials from real growers. See what Mega Thrive can achieve for your plants.

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Your plants will not only thrive, they’ll Mega Thrive

Introducing Mega Thrive - a specially designed liquid formula that will optimize your plant's growth. Mega Thrive contains an enzymatic formula which internally stimulates the plant's own natural production of hormones (auxions/cytokinin-like substances) resulting in the "Mega Thrive" effect. More and bigger leaves. More roots. More flowers. More vigor!